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Market Analysis For Start Up And Existing Businesses

On the 11th of April at Square Works in Bristol, hgkc held a roundtable focusing on the importance of market analysis, the process of gathering information about a particular market to understand the industry, competition, customers, and business environment. The event was facilitated by hgkc Associate Joe Constant, who pointed out that when considering market analysis, it was also important to consider AI as not only does it have a huge impact on businesses, but people are relying more on automation and not what was used before.

How To Thrive In A Recession

On the 29th November, hgkc held their first roundtable in person since the pandemic. Located at Square Works Bristol the discussion focused on the upcoming recession and how the attendees could overcome the challenges they faced due to the crisis in Ukraine, Brexit and COVID-19.

hgkc Director and co-founder Peter Quintana facilitated the event and was joined by guest speakers Paul Netto, founder of visionary accountancy practice Equifino, Sam Talby, insolvency practitioner from Undebt, and Kim Jones, hgkc Director, co-founder, and innovation expert.

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