Meaningful Success – purpose, passion and profit for your business – The Book Club

When we told Tim Johnson we had chosen his book Meaningful Success for The Book Club, we were delighted that he agreed to come along and provide unique insights into the experiences that had led him to write it.

Everybody attending were privileged to hear Tim’s unique story first hand, and we all benefited from learning more about the process that he developed having survived the good and the bad that happened to him.

The conversation developed into a long discussion on what meaningful success is, and the many different perspectives led to a rich and worthwhile exchange.

Emily Kenna, SJL Insurance Services: ‘Inspirational material. Interesting debate and discussions – very enjoyable.’

Elaine Hollerhead, Designate: ‘I really enjoyed the event and discussions. It was great to meet Tim and very interesting to hear his honest story.’

Tim’s focus on establishing relationships and creating real work-life balance was particularly refreshing.

Kim presented Tim with a small token of our appreciation and HGKC would like thank him for his candour and insights – and for signing our copies!

Our next Book Club, scheduled for January, will feature Jeremy Marchant’s soon to be published book on how to network better. And once again we are very pleased to announce that Jeremy will be there to host for us. Watch out here for details and booking:

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