Bridging the Gap Conference 2023

by  Kim Jones

As advisors we invest in our own learning so that we address current themes and trends and ensure we support our clients when they are taking steps to adapt and change in their organisations. Bridging the Gap Conference was an opportunity for me to find out more from an academic, expert and practitioner community working in the areas of equality, diversity and inclusion, explore current thinking, challenges and the innovative practices, policies and tools being developed towards creating a fairer society.

Top takeaways for me:


  1. Keep failing, work on being better, address blind spot and biases.
  2. Professionalism needed for improving ED & I but not necessarily a profession.
  3. Culture needs to be inclusive as legislation is not enough.
  4. Think about the privileges I hold – be a good ally for others.
  5. Create belonging, everyone is welcome.
  6. Data has bias, think about the sources and gathering methods.
  7. Only hold appropriate data ‘nothing about me, without me’.
  8. Ethics is important in decision making and not to be compromised.
  9. Decisions with people and not about them, devolve, distribute, trust.
  10. Call out and deal with difficult situations timely and protect the vulnerable.


This is a work-in-progress when I look at my own business, I can see areas I need to work on. It has also made me focus on my practice as an advisor and priorities for my clients especially around decision-making and culture.

To find out more about the conference and the excellent work of the Gender Research Centre at the University of Bristol and the exciting work of Equal In-sight

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