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Turning innovation into exceptional performance

Are you thinking about your exit? Are you thinking about your leadership team? Are you thinking about how you can be more innovative? Complete our Business Health Check and our Brand Clarity Scorecard, and we'll be in touch to talk about how we can help.

hgkc Supercharge your team

hgkc Supercharge your team

This programme is for you if you own or run a business and want to develop and grow your people, and supercharge your team.

As an ambitious company, you consider the ability to champion and lead change and to innovate like entrepreneurs as core organisational competences and want to foster a culture where your people feel comfortable presenting new ideas or challenging old ones.

hgkc Supercharge your team

A retainer service delivered through a mix of facilitated workshops and individual coaching; supported by DiSCSimple and Engagement Multiplier; and planned and managed through regular meetings with your Board, where we will discuss and agree priorities, review progress and measure results.

hgkc Exit Planning - "it's never too late"

What is an exit strategy?

A business exit strategy is when a business owner is preparing to exit from his or her own company. It helps them ensure that their business is where it needs to be to maximise for the future. You will be able to plan for the future of your company, understand your bottom line, and help make sure that you have a successful and efficient exit.

Why do you need an exit plan?

Through planning and preparation, you can make sure that you are leaving your business in capable hands, allowing you to exit peacefully without worrying about the state of your company.

hgkc Decide, delegate, deliver

hgkc Decide, delegate, deliver

This programme is for you if you are an ambitious business owner looking for business continuity and growth. 

We will ask you three questions:

  • Where are you now?

  • Where do you want to go?

  • How ready are you to make the journey?

hgkc Decide, delegate, deliver

Once we know the answers, we will prepare a bespoke proposal to suit your need and the pace at which you want to travel.

hgkc provides practical business advice to enable companies overcome the challenges they face.

The key to success is to have a clear strategy, a well-communicated plan, empowered and confident decision making, plus the ability to develop your team to ensure everyone is travelling in the same direction. So whether your company seeks business continuity, intends to pivot towards new markets, or plans to get through this period of unprecedented change, our team of experts is here to support your journey, every step of the way.

HGKC focuses on innovation and turning it into exceptional performance.

Click here to take our Business Health Check and here for our Brand Clarity Scorecard.

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We work with clients who…

  • are only innovative when your customers ask you to be
  • concerned you can’t see what your R&D team is achieving
  • are kept awake at night by fear of failure and risks to your business
  • are focused so much on today that plans for tomorrow are overwhelmed
  • are not confident enough to invite partners into your business (and definitely not competitors)

hgkc have been with us for more than 5 years, available at the end of a phone to talk to when the issues and challenges of growing a company in a complex global market seem overwhelming. Their clarity of thought and capacity to challenge the status quo mean that nothing is ever quite as bad as it might first appear. Investing in working with the team at hgkc has been a game changer

Jason Matthews, CEO, Lifecycle Technology
hgkc / ZiaBia

Latest - hgkc / ZiaBia

The dynamic team heading up ZiaBia embraced digital disruption in their corporate events company with the same creativity and “can do" approach that has fuelled their business since starting out in 2012. They have re-imagined events for clients and introduced new clients to the world of hybrid and virtual formats. Creating events that have an impact and their client’s love, from a mind-reading magician, escape rooms and cocktail making to whole company corporate conferences, events and charity fundraisers.  A pacy conversation filled with hints, tips and insights about events and running a successful business. 

ZiaBia - Reimagining Events

Exit Planning - what’s the value in your business?

Upcoming EventExit Planning - what’s the value in your business?

Date: 18 Nov 2021 08:30

Many business owners assume their pension will come eventually from their business. Whether this is you or not, succession or exit is often the largest financial transaction in a business owner's lifetime, with a lot at risk if things go wrong.

This event is for you if at some point in the future you would like to realise the benefit of your hard work in building your business.

Our panel of experts from wealth planning, corporate finance and tax planning will be offering tips and insights to help you:

- align your personal and business long-term financial goals
- understand your succession and exit options
- ensure there is intrinsic value in your business
- maximise the value of your business
- eliminate, minimise, or defer estate taxes

Join Sarah McGurk, Georgina Bryant and Paul Netto on the 18th November at 8.30. To register for this exclusive, free to attend event, please contact Peter Quintana today.

Strategic advisors, Peter and Kim of hgkc

If we didn’t have access to Kim at hgkc at the start of our journey, this business wouldn’t be where it is today

Nicola Ray, Managing Director, Modern

hgkc was born from the realisation that together our combined practical experience and knowledge can offer our clients a broader, deeper and richer experience that will deliver better results faster.