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The Challenges of Digital Innovation

Peter Quintana is joined by Tom Henson (Managing Director of First Solution) and Christopher Shanks (Head of Technology at First Digital) to talk about digital transformation - how the term has become over-used and the work to achieve continues to be under-estimated. In a wide-ranging conversation that touches on McKinsey's three horizons, First Digital's own Innovation Committee, and the BEANS (Behaviour Enablers, Artifacts, and Nudges) that encourage an innovation culture, you will discover valuable insights into how to make more of digital innovation in your organisation.

Watch the discussion below, and download The Challenges of Innovation Worksheet here.

The challenges of changing company culture

The biggest obstacles standing in the way of the innovation needed to emerge strongly from the pandemic are often related to company culture, and challenges such as resistance to change and no shared purpose have caused many business owners either to give up or to decide not even to try. However, there are ways to change and embed new cultures that are more open to innovation and where the most un-tapped source of energy - natural creativity and curiosity of employees - is encouraged to flourish.  

In this wide-ranging conversation, Peter Quintana and Carly Brunsden explore the challenges of changing company culture and offer valuable tips and insights based on their experiences working with business leaders. 

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