hgkc Client Friars Moor feature in The Energy and Environment Parliamentary Review

We were delighted to hear that Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic (FMVC) were being featured in this year's Energy and Environment Parliamentary Review (Agriculture, Animals and Livestock).

Founded over 60 years ago, FMVC have remained firmly independent. Despite the rise in corporate ownership that has disrupted this sector, they have continued to grow their practices, and have built a team of dedicated, highly engaged and proactive vets, nurses and back-office staff. They are justifiably regularly recognised as one of the best places to work in Dorset. 

We have been working with FMVC for several years and have been excited to see how they continue to adopt and embrace new ways of working, and to implement new innovative services for their farm and small animal clients

In 2016, they launched their Sheep and Goat Dairy Consultancy at a conference that attracted over 100 delegates and several well-known agri and pharma businesses. Now in its 4th year, the conference offers a scientific programme for producers, advisers and suppliers. The consultancy recently secured an EU-funded grant to support their research programme.

In 2018, FMVC won Best Dairy Team at the Dairy Cream Awards – reward for their innovative work to eliminate the use of antimicrobials on their clients’ farms.

We are really looking forward to 2020, and what promises to be another very interesting year as FMVC begin to look more an more at how they can help their farm clients become more sustainable, both environmentally and as businesses.

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