Peter Quintana

I help business owners understand the difference between succession and exit planning, and help them develop an exit strategy that will help them move on from their business with confidence.

I get really excited by new thinking and new ways of working with driven business owners. I use one of my favourite Cool Tools - Outcomes Mapping (a technique unique to hgkc) - to help them set out how everything they are doing contributes to their goal, and will help them to achieve the best outcome for them and their people. 

My qualifications, international experience and practical know-how are a source of incisive thinking and ideas to make ambitious goals achievable. I also work hard to develop the most productive relationships – listening hard, challenging gently, and providing a wise voice that enables our clients to make those game-changing decisions. 

You can contact me via LinkedIn, by email or on my mobile. 

Or book a no-obligation 45 minute conversation with me here.

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  • Exit planning
  • Outcomes mapping
  • DiSC profiling for leadership teams
  • Developing vision: purpose, values and mission


  • Good listener
  • Not afraid to challenge
  • Motivator
  • Genuinely excited by your success

Things about me

  • Get a buzz from working with ambitious people
  • Excited by new ways of working
  • Love watching England and Bath play rugby
  • You can always hear music - especially jazz and blues - in my house
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