Advising an expanding veterinary clinic


Like many professional practices, FMVC’s process for growth had evolved and they needed a more structured method. After being in operation for 50+ years, the Directors recognised that a full plan for the business’s development, marketing and sales was lacking. Plus, three of them were due to retire and no succession plans were in place. In short, the Directors felt they were no longer in control of their own business.


Initially, we put together a programme of workshops to introduce a structured approach to strategy and marketing, introducing the concept of visible experts as an alternative to direct mail and other forms of promotion (something the Directors felt was counter to the culture they were keen to preserve).

We were then able to help FMVC access grant funding which we used to deliver a series of workshops on Governance, the role of the Director, leadership, and performance support. As a direct result, Directors meetings started being held every four weeks, focussing on both strategic management of the business and day to operations.

We were retained in a Board Advisory capacity, attending Directors’ Meetings and providing additional support on succession, and other areas including IT and telephony, and farm sustainability. In 2019, we ran a strategic review programme to evaluate results and re-set the company’s growth plans.


Two new directors have been successfully inducted onto the Board and are buying into the business. The annual Sheep and Goat Dairy Conference, launched in 2016 as a direct result of introducing the ‘visible expert’ marketing strategy, attracts 100+ delegates and turned a profit in 2019.

FMVC recently demerged to ease future succession and delivers annual growth. Additionally, the Directors now feel confident in their ability to run the business. The company has also developed a successful spin-out project, FM Vet Solutions, which creates products to support farm vets and farmers.

Our approach is always to tailor the support we provide to meet the needs of clients and the support we gave Friars Moor varied greatly from the start to the end of the project. Whether providing a valued second opinion, taking a more practical role to define the strategy, or help to build upon the skills, knowledge and experience of the team, we have been on hand as much or as little as required.

So, whether your company seeks business continuity and growth, is planning for exit or succession, intends to pivot towards new markets, or needs to be able to deal with a period of unprecedented change, our team of experts is here to support your journey, every step of the way. 

Your input has been invaluable and enabled us to learn to cope with the rapid growth in turnover and particularly in staff numbers that we have experienced. I am sure that FM has been all the more successful for it! The practice has continued to thrive, even during the pandemic.

The Directors, Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic

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