The Leadership Perception Gap

We were delighted that Steve Middleton, Senior Business Engagement Manager at Engagement Multiplier, joined us on 15th September 2020 to discuss a challenge lurking for leaders that can impact everything from employee engagement, to culture, to success during a period of change. It is what he refers to as The Leadership Perception Gap.

"From lockdown to unlock, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown up serious staffing challenges, thrusting human resource leaders into the centre of the crisis," Raconteur, June 2020

In this webinar, co-hosted with Steve Middleton of Engagement Multiplier, we explore why the leadership perception gap is important. For those employees remaining in the business, if they have a poor perception of their leadership - whether that means their direct managers, department leaders or the executive team - they are less likely to trust them, take their direction or support their decisions. In addition, a team in this state is probably also experiencing a degree of disengagement, meaning their enthusiasm is low and they lack the feelings of pride and ownership that are catalysts for the above-and-beyond efforts which power business success. The results can be dire: in addition to wasting time, energy and resource on change that doesn’t stick, the company can lose precious competitive advantage.

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