Why Choose hgkc To Help With Your Exit?

Business owners often fail to plan their exits and can end up not getting fair value for the business that they have invested their time and money building. Those that do plan need help and often turn to a third party. This help can be either financial advisors, lawyers, or business consultants. We recommend an exit strategy should be prepared 3-5 years in advance to gives you time to identify and address any potential problems, whilst also developing your business to increase value. hgkc is a business consultancy providing practical advice to help businesses overcome their challenges and increase growth. We specialise in innovation, leadership, and exit strategies.


So Why Should You Choose Us?


To Establish Objectives

We start by doing an Outcomes Map, asking business owners what they want to achieve with their exit. During this process we help you understand and choose when you want to exit, whether you want to sell all or part of your company, think about your exit path and who you want to sell to, and work out how your business will be valued.


To Develop Next Steps

Once we have helped you work out your objectives, it will enable us to develop with you a clear vision and plan the steps to take for a successful exit. We also help to develop a strategy for growth to achieve the value you want, putting in place plans to grow your management team so that they can run the business without you in it. Furthermore, we help you to build a communication strategy whilst also assisting you in working out the timings and key points of your exit.


Our Experience

hgkc’s consultants are proven practitioners with years of experience in their field. Together they enable businesses to get the most value and unlock your business’ full potential. With our help clients implement solutions and ideas that meet their needs, and work to achieve their objectives.

We build strong relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect. We use our strong communication skills throughout the process and demonstrate that we understand our client’s values and needs. We help them take ownership of solutions to achieve the results they desire.


As A Result

With hgkc’s assistance our clients develop a clear understanding of what they need to achieve their business’ full potential and generate the most value from their exit. They will know what information they need to sort out to provide to any prospective buyers. Ultimately, hgkc help to build our client’s confidence and fully prepare them for their exit.


To learn more about the exit planning and hgkc’s knowledge and experience read our Exit Planning page.

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hgkc was born from the realisation that together our combined practical experience and knowledge can offer our clients a broader, deeper and richer experience that will deliver better results faster.