Our People Focus

We have a special focus on people. You and your people; what they want, value and the most effective way to take them on your North Star journey. This involves understanding individuals, their skills, capabilities, and the relationships between them. To truly understand how ready your people are for the journey, click on the button below to  take our People Diagnostic

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Modern Leadership

Modern leadership is having the influence to inspire others to achieve their objectives, understanding the best ways to communicate with your team, and creating a work environment of safety, courage and vulnerability. Do not focus on mistakes. Build upon your team’s strengths, celebrate their successes and applaud their efforts. To be a strong leader, you need to know how to communicate your strategy and goals to your team. Be honest and lead by example and your people will trust you and do the same. To find out more about different leadership techniques go to our Leadership page by clicking the button below.

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People and Exit Planning

Many people think of exit planning as simply a legal or financial transaction, but the majority of exits that fail to deliver on their promise, do so because there has been no thought given to the people. This is where hgkc come in. We help you prepare your people for your exit, whether new ownership is coming on board, whether your management team are buying the business, or whether you are simply closing it down. We will help you understand your objectives, and we work with you to develop a business exit strategy that helps build value in your company to achieve the best outcome for you and your people. This also ensures that your people are looked after and helps ensure a smooth exit from the business for you. If you'd like to understand all your exit options and what you need to do to achieve the exit you want, visit our Exit Planning page by clicking the button below, 

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Psychological Safety

Psychological safety means feeling safe to take risks, make mistakes, speak up, disagree openly, and voice your concerns. We support business owners in establishing an environment of psychological safety so that you and your people feel encouraged to share creative ideas, provide open and honest feedback, and admit mistakes. This is vital for every business as it helps to create a more innovative, inclusive, and positive work community, builds trust within leadership teams and enables employees feel valued members of the business. hgkc advise leaders on how to create strong work environments and support them in fostering an innovation culture where their teams feel confident enough to share their ideas without fear of judgement or criticism. Contact us by clicking on the button below to arrange a confidential chat about your culture.

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Our People Tools

We have a special focus on your people and when working with clients we love to use two particular tools:

  • DISC profiles – a behavioural self-assessment tool that aims to improve communication and cooperation within the workplace. It can boost a team’s performance and helps business leaders understand their employees’ work-style preferences providing insight into which tasks their people will be best suited doing.
  • Empowered – a culture and employee engagement platform that uses surveys and other measurement tools. Business owners need to be open to honest feedback from their team and are able to use this framework to help improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity.

You can learn more about these tools by visiting the DISCsimple and Empowered websites, and find out about the other partners we work with by visiting our Partners page, and click on the button below to explore and download People are the Key, our approach to preparing your senior team for transformational change. 

People are the key

hgkc was born from the realisation that together our combined practical experience and knowledge can offer our clients a broader, deeper and richer experience that will deliver better results faster.