brand strategy

Brand Compass

Stewart Redpath developed Brand Compass based on his experience in market research built over more than 30 years working with some of the UK's best known brands. Brand Compass enables you to connect what your business does - operations, products, services and marketing - with what your target audience really wants. These connection points become your Brand Connection Points.

behavioural profiling using DiSC


DiSC profiling is a core component of the leadership and management development work hgkc deliver with our clients. hgkc have been DISCiples since the foundation of DISCsimple, and work closely with Sarah Owen and her team to embed the learning that DiSC provides, delivering heightened self-awareness, improving communications and team work. With DiSC embedded in your organisation, all boats rise. 

digital innovation strategy

Emerge Digital

Emerge Digital's deep experience of technology and business processes enables them to develop a digital business strategy that unlocks innovation and creates business growth, helping you to emerge as a digital leader in your field. We partner with Emerge Digital to help our and their clients develop strategies for digital transformation that improve experiences for employees and customers, to develop new products and services, and to improve ways of working. Emerge Digital also also provide exceptional IT and Cyber Security support.

executive coaching and emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence at work

Jeremy Marchant believes a key factor in his success working with businesses is that, with thirty years practical experience in business before starting as a coach, he can situate what he does in the client’s experience. He always places emotional intelligence issues in a business context making his work practical rather than academic.

systematic approach to measuring and improving employee engagement

Engagement Multiplier

hgkc partner with Engagement Multiplier to offer engagement surveys that will help not only to create purpose, but to inspire your people to align their activities behind it and to build deeper commitment. With a trial benchmark survey available completely free of charge and with no obligation, why not give Engagement Multiplier a try and discover for yourself that it is a highly effective systematic way to measure and improve the engagement of your workforce. 

web design development and hosting


Caleb Evans at Epicfox designs and builds beautiful, fast, responsive websites that work for his customers, and their businesses. He built this one! It has simple content management, which means we have complete control over content. He will work with you from initial planning through to launch, and will support you beyond.

financial advisory service


Paul Netto, founder of Equifino, is our accountant, and provides strategic financial advice to our clients. Equifino is driven by the desire to help business owners understand finance beyond the basics of compliance. Paul strives to give his clients more control of their money, a wider range of financial options and to enable them to make informed decisions about their business. As well as being friendly and approachable, he is results driven, transparent and open, and forward thinking. 

people focused HR strategy

Hillingdon HR

Susanne Samuel helps business owners achieve success through their greatest asset, their people. She facilitates the implementation of a people focused HR strategy that delivers the business plan. She uses DiSC behavioural profiling and employee engagement tools to support leadership development and personal effectiveness. She has spent a career in HR and has experience and knowledge in every aspect of the HR life cycle, including restructuring (organisational design), talent acquisition, Learning and Development, TUPE, redundancy and applying employment law to employee relations cases. 

hgkc was born from the realisation that together our combined practical experience and knowledge can offer our clients a broader, deeper and richer experience that will deliver better results faster.