How Does Technology Impact Your Business?

In today’s world, we see so many advances and changes in technology that the way we work and run our business is ever changing and with the coronavirus pandemic things have been forced to advance a lot faster than we ever thought. Working from home and the inability to see people face to face has forced many companies to start to rely on technology to run their business. Those that have failed to adapt have not survived COVID-19 and those that have are finding new and more efficient ways to work.


Technology and Remote Working


In an earlier blog, I discussed how remote working changes the way you innovate. Technological advances have made a business’ way of communicating easier and more efficient whilst stuck in your home office. Online platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets have been great ways of organising speaking events and live shows as well as collaborative platforms such as SharePoint and organisational tools like Trello, Monday and Zenkit which help you prioritise tasks and distribute responsibility.

Since the first lockdown, many companies were not prepared and had to quickly alter their working methods and find multiple online tools to stay afloat. There has also been an increase in the use of different social media for business marketing. Not only LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook but businesses are taking advantage of using images and videos on Instagram, Snapchat and even TikTok, which has become even more popular with younger generations. As people were stuck in their houses, they spent more time browsing social media newsfeeds and using messenger apps as ways of communicating with those they were unable to see.

Businesses had to adapt how they did things when lockdown was first introduced and start using more technologies and different platforms to reach their target market with their innovations.


Internet Of Things


The Internet of Things or IoT describes everyday objects that are implemented with software and technology that connects to the internet and exchanges data with other devices. Some of the most common examples of IoT are smart devices, home security systems, and product tracking.

IoT is an incredible innovation that demonstrates how fast technology is advancing. Businesses can take advantage of the Internet of Things to become more efficient, eco-friendly and to improve workplace safety. It can be used to increase productivity, data collection and general working conditions for employees. IoT can be used to help monitor environmental conditions and the physical health of employees, limiting risk and even preventing future accidents.




Artificial Intelligence innovations allow companies to automate processes to save your employee’s time and increase their productivity. It helps to decrease human error, quickly complete tasks from your to-do lists and improve the experiences of your customers.

Typical examples of AI in use today include chat bots on a website, manufacturing robots, social media monitoring, and targeted advertising. This advanced technology helps businesses improve their services and heavily benefits user experience.


Technology impacts our lives every day. New systems and tools are being continuously developed to help make everyday tasks easier for both business and customer. Technological innovations will help companies stand out against the crowd and not only impact the future of your business against your competitors but will attract more clients to you.

To know more about different forms of innovation and how they impact your business have a look at our Innovation page.

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