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BE 2.0 - Jim Collins & Bill Lazier

01 Dec 2021, 16:00 - 17:30

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Jim Collins decided to create a re-release of Beyond Entrepreneurship - the leadership staple he and Bill Lazier published nearly 30 years ago - for three reasons. Firstly, he is still fiercely passionate about entrepreneurs and the leaders of small businesses. Like hgkc, these are the people he most wants to reach. Secondly, he has not stood still, has gleaned decades of new research about people decisions, leadership, vision, strategy - and luck! And thirdly, BE 2.0 honours the person he describes as the greatest mentor in his life, Bill Lazier, who passed away in 2004.

Reed Hastings, co-founder of Netflix, says that Beyond Entrepreneurship '...transformed my leadership style more than any other book or person.' 

Join us at The Book Club to discover what made this book the enduring classic that it has become, and to explore 'The Map' - the framework that Collins provides for building a company that delivers superior results, makes a distinctive impact, and achieves enduring success. that pulls together.

In a radical departure from previous Book Clubs, this time registration is free via our LinkedIn Event listing, but you have to buy the book - and read it - before you can come! Oh - and you should bring your own tea and cake too....

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Kim Jones

Kim Jones

I build confidence in leaders to help them make better decisions and realise the value of innovation in their firms.

Peter Quintana

Peter Quintana

I help ambitious people build smarter businesses by putting in strong foundations to maintain business continuity, manage change and support growth.

'Good, friendly debate and great place to share ideas about managing a business,' Bob Mytton, Mytton Williams

'Loved it. Lively discussion, lots of diverse comments,' Debbie Lawley, WillowDNA

'Really original event - very thought provoking and a great way to do modern networking,' Joanna Randall, Purplefish

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