Why Should You Enter Our Business Plan Competition?

Why are people put off from entering business competitions? 

Sometimes it can be the cost, the entry fee is not worth the time and effort it takes to fill out all the forms. Competitions can ask far too many questions that you don’t feel are relevant and your application doesn’t even receive any feedback unless you win. The process ends up taking too much time, it’s all about the competition and you don’t get anything from it. It may not seem like entering One Good Turn… will be any different. That would be wrong and let me tell you why you should enter our business plan competition.

Plan Template

If you don’t have a simple plan to share with your business, we have provided a free plan template available for you to download and fill out. It is easy to use and sets out a simple structure where you can detail your company, output, revenue, marketing, and your competition.


We don’t only have one but two fantastic prizes up for grabs. Each prize is worth £5,000, giving you access to DISCsimple profiles, Engagement Multiplier, and hours of hands-on support from our expert consultants.


We make a point of sharing our judges’ feedback with you, even if you do not win or are not shortlisted. The expert feedback cover if your plans make sense helping you increase the likelihood of success to go further and faster.

Increased PR

If you do win or are shortlisted, you will have the opportunity to share your success with your peers and competitors. Entering our competition will help you to raise your profile and share your success.

Free to Enter

One Good Turn… is completely free to enter, all it costs is a little bit of your time. A straightforward process, we are only looking for your business plan and a 250-word entry about why you feel you deserve to win – this can be done via video, audio, or the written word. We have simple entry requirements and an easy process that makes things straightforward for you.

There is no reason not to enter our One Good Turn… competition. It is a great opportunity for small business owners at no cost. You will have the chance to increase your PR, get expert feedback and win amazing prizes. A simple one-page plan is all it requires and win support to achieve your future goals.

Download our business plan template and see if our competition is for you.

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