Tony Dowling

Digital transformation, usually focussed through the lens of sales, marketing and customer service

I have 30 years of commercial experience in the media and digital media and have led large teams through transformations for around 10 of those years. Digital transformation usually fails unless there is a commitment to helping the people involved understand why they are doing what they are doing, and what it means for them. I have been consulting directly with business owners and senior directors for the last three years and enjoy the tremendous variety of the role.

No one comes to work to fail, and the only two reasons people don’t do a thing well, is that they don’t know how to do it, or they didn’t think it was important!

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  • Traditional media (print and broadcast)
  • Digital media
  • Tech, SaaS, eCommerce
  • Not for profit
  • Public Sector


  • Direct
  • Decisive
  • Collaborative
  • Commercial

Things about me

  • I applied to NASA to be an astronaut when I was 10
  • I have studied Physics, Philosophy and Marketing at degree level
  • I believe everything in business starts with the ‘Why’
  • I ride a motorbike on weekends to relax

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