Stewart Redpath

I’m a marketing specialist who helps businesses create, define and sharpen their propositions and elevate their positioning in competitive markets.

I take a brand-centric approach and build ideas and strategies by blending customer insight with creative thinking. This approach is distilled into my book ‘Brand Compass’, the accumulated wisdom of over 30 years practice.

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  • 16 years client-side experience: launch team of Orange Telecoms (1990s) and Lloyds TSB
  • Independent since 2006, with extensive experience in many sectors with major international businesses as well as SMEs
  • Professional, highly experienced research/insight practitioner
  • Successful track record of translating business strategy into effective creative outputs


  • Disciplined, energised self-starter who likes his independence but loves working closely with teams to reach breakthrough ideas
  • Motivated by positive change and improvement
  • Able to generate energy, belief and passion around programmes and projects
  • Likes to stay grounded and focused with real customer insight and market knowledge

Things about me

  • Self-confessed brand nerd - as fascinated as ever by the power of strong brands!
  • I stay closely in touch with digital developments by doing it and living it. I am an app owner, video creator, web-builder and music producer
  • Frustrated rock star - active musician since I was 9 and leader of my own band
  • In recent years, I’ve taken up yoga - it’s a clever way of fooling myself I’m doing exercise

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