Shakirah Akinwale

I enable entrepreneurs, and business leaders to exceed their business objectives.

Optimising business operations; empowering the people, integrating systems, and engineering processes to consistently deliver value. Unlocking the power of information and enabling beneficial outcomes with innovative applications of intelligence, and technology. Developing thriving innovative cultures to promote social value, and economic growth to achieve measurable, sustainable success.

I am a designer by nature, and I believe in investment, research and business as vehicles for social change. I have a curious, and experimental mind - and cannot help but always seek opportunities to improve something. I see the potential in people, and challenge them to challenge the status quo. The possibilities that information and technology provide in extending our human capabilities is truly exciting to me. As an innovator my mission is to make these benefits inclusive and accessible for all, so our businesses can fulfil their responsibility in creating impactful positive outcomes.

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  • Business strategy and operations
  • Systems and process engineering
  • Business incubation, acceleration, and venture building
  • Construction and technology programme management


  • Observant and analytical
  • Passionate and proactive
  • Curious; Questioning
  • Flexible; Tailoring
  • Collaborative

Things about me

  • I love being part of a team (lots of team sports growing up)
  • Videography is one of my hobbies
  • I’m an Angel investor
  • I do wonderful things with data and information!

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