Our Fabulous Friends

We are privileged to be associated, partnering and working with some fabulous businesses, helping us help our clients grow.


From on-line assessments and reports designed and priced to encourage organisations to teach everyone the language of DISC to a range of proven programmes developed by the global publishers Wiley, we work with DISCSimple help our clients become more profitable through improved productivity, teamwork and communications.

Innovation is critical for business success. To innovate, you need ideas. HGKC are expert in developing innovation strategies, and partner with iDeeter – the clever way to harness great ideas – to support businesses that wish to reinvigorate the creativity and innovative capabilities of their work force. iDeeter harnesses the collective ingenuity of the crowd to generate large volumes of high quality ideas and insights rapidly.

Bristol L&D Network has been formed by local Learning and Development professionals to arrange and host a monthly event offering peer to peer support in a confidential environment, tea, cake and lots of fun! Catch up on current knowledge and industry trends, learn about best practices and make local connections.

The Headlight Journals are goal-setting journals organised within a 48-week book so that you can begin at anytime of the year. Focused on helping people take regular and positive action in different domains of their lives, the range draws upon in-depth research that tackles the wide gap between human intention and behaviour. We work with Headlight Journals to help our clients understand the importance of breaking goals and targets down into manageable actions and processes. By focusing on the right processes it has been shown that positive outcomes become a natural by-product.