Jeremy Marchant

I work with teams and their managers to help them become more successful—and happier.

I specialise in helping them answer the question, ‘OK, I’m doing what you told me, how come it’s not working?’ I find that, usually, what needs to be addressed are the relationships between the people in the team and between them and other stakeholders groups. So, this is about leadership, engagement and effective communication.

I’ve worked in and with corporates, SMEs and the NHS in a wide variety of roles (including as a systems analyst, manager, consultant and coach). My passion is using my experience and skills to enable people to gain insight and understanding, and to support them in their commitment to change.

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  • A wide range of management and leadership roles in corporate businesses
  • I trained as a systems analyst as well as a coach and counsellor
  • I have had my own coaching business for twenty years
  • I combine business and psychology


  • I am told I ask good questions
  • I’m not attached to being right about clients
  • I am supportive
  • I like being the agent of change

Things about me

  • I still want to learn more about people
  • I love classical music (I used to be an editor and composer)
  • The hardest I’ve ever worked was as a sales assistant in M&S
  • I’ve been a professional writer

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