How we work with you

You know that innovation is the key to growing your business and that being more innovative in everything you do will help you get off the back foot. You want to concentrate on creating tomorrow – growing your business, expanding it…either through innovative technologies, or R&D, or expansion into new markets, into new geographical territories.

You want to make the Innovation Journey.

How we work with you

That’s where we come in – experts in understanding the complexities of growing a business, the changes an organisation needs to make, the requirements of the leadership team, the commercial aspects, the funding that is needed. We know every business is unique, and running it is tough.

We will help develop you and your people so that you can run your business better.

We listen, get under the skin of you and your business and then develop a bespoke programme based on understanding your needs. Each business is different, so the content of each will be different. But typically, this will involve a combination of three ways of working with you:

By enabling individuals, through 1-1 coaching and using tools such as DiSC, to develop innovation mindsets

  • we challenge individuals to set goals, understand reality and identify options
  • we hold them to account to act, all the while guiding their decision making by being available to speak to when needed

By enabling teams, through facilitated workshops using innovative visual tool-sets

  • we help teams develop a shared purpose, at the same time as engaging with, and learning from each other

By enabling Boards, through our advisory services as a Board Advisor or NED

  • we hold each Director to account to improve their individual performance, the Board’s performance and, ultimately, the Business’ performance by introducing approaches to identifying, managing and mitigating the risks that all businesses face
  • we also help to onboard newly appointed Directors effectively so that they can get up to speed faster and smarter – helping them and new business owners to understand their additional responsibilities


Photograph by Simon Camper, used with permission