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The most successful businesses in the world are always innovating, but even they recognise that innovation is a never-ending journey. Just when you think you have reached your destination – your North Star – so another appears on the horizon.

HGKC Toolkit

Why not take the challenge and come with us to find your North Star?

“HGKC have a great box of tools and techniques that will help you focus on the thing you can do now to move towards your goal,”
Maria Ming, Director of Organisation Development, Eldon Insurance Group

Innovation Led

Moving from a customer-led to innovation-led business challenges leaders to embrace change with courage and conviction, commit to creating results by doing new things, solving problems and generating value.

If you are ready to create strategies that build your confidence to meet the challenges in becoming more innovative, get in touch.


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Innovation-led business requires a culture and a workforce ready to act, and that means knowing, developing and growing capability in people.

You wouldn’t embark on a risky journey without the right equipment.

If you are looking for tools and techniques to raise your game, get in touch today.

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Pipeline Processes

Delivering the benefits of innovation through clearly defined and easily understood processes helps leaders decide what measures of success are important.

The risk of taking a wrong turn can be reduced by good scouting ahead, identifying where the dangers are and working out how to go around or overcome them.

To bring clarity to processes by mapping the benefits and focusing on the end-to-end cycle, call us on 0117 332 1001, or get in touch today.

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Horizon Planning

Successful innovators can create value by exploiting opportunities in the short-term from every-day “business as usual” activities and nurturing emerging projects at the same time as working on the blue-sky ideas that will generate the business of the future. It’s all about balance and risk.

On your journey, your people will be working on how to get there faster with your current products, accelerating the development of tomorrow’s products, and generating the bluesky ideas to help you fly in the future.

To scope, evaluate and measure your innovation journey to ensure you focus on the opportunities that will deliver for your business, call us today.

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The greatest success comes from collaboration, being able to trust and work with external partners towards a shared goal. Customers, suppliers, institutions, competitors all make up a rich pool of potential partners.

On your journey, you will meet people who have different backgrounds but share similar problems. Joining forces can be the difference between success or being stranded.

We support leaders in building strategic relationships and partnerships. Through our programme of HGKC-led events, we bring together a community of aspiring and growing businesses.

To tap into our community, call us today.

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Your North Star

Keeping your vision, your goals firmly in sight when you are leading a business on the cusp or in the full swell of change, is challenging. When you trust and equip your team to bring about transformation, to step up into the void and aim for their North Star, you are freed up to focus on what matters.

Reaching your destination is very satisfying, but in business as in life, there is always another mountain to climb, and another star on the horizon.

At HGKC we act as a critical friend, listening and guiding, providing insights and support to leaders and senior teams, helping you navigate towards your North Star and beyond.

You know where you want to go. Having a guide will help you really unleash your potential, make the right choices on direction and get you there faster. Call us to talk about your journey.

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