Jan 28 2019


The Book Club – improving business networking is fundamentally a question of emotional intelligence

The Book Club – specially for the ambitious, the curious and the fast-growing, where leaders come to learn from each other – returned to The Kensington Arms on the 16th January with a book that filled a long-overdue need.

Network Better, by Jeremy Marchant, shows that improving business networking is fundamentally a question of emotional intelligence, because after all, networking is all about relationships.

Network better with Jeremy Marchant
Front & sitting: Charles van der Lande, Jeremy Marchant, Andy Miller, Sara Cotrtrell; Standing: Peter Quintana, Rob Butcher, Kim Jones, Paul Holbrook, Rob Sheffield; photo Steve Rogers

So if you have been spending long hours at networking events yet are getting little or nothing from them, or dread networking so much that you won’t even go unless your best friends are there as well, then this book is for you.¬†Even of you love networking, this book is for you, because the results we get can always be improved.

We were delighted that Jeremy was there in person to challenge our preconceptions and answer our questions, many of which were submitted in advance via Ideeter, the social platform for gathering ideas and building engagement.

Attendees were unanimously positive:

“Enjoyed the event as I felt it was specific to me,” Steve Rogers, My Family Legacy

“Jeremy was interesting, engaging and encouraging,” Sara Cottrell

“Loved it! Intimate, open, frank. I deepened my learning,” Rob Sheffield, Bluegreen Learning

“Very interesting discussion with a group of informed people,” Rob Butcher, Unwin Safety

Once again, 100% of attendees said they would recommend this event, so if you’d like to come to the next one, contact us here.

Author Peter Quintana