Share Your Ambition and Tell Your Story

hgkc and DISCsimple have launched One Good Turn… their annual business plan competition, for the second year running and we want to give you some tips on how to complete the perfect business plan. When sitting down to create it you need to build a picture. Share your story and outline your ambition, say what your objectives are and what you want to achieve. You need to ensure you are creative and authentic when you start to write your plan.

Your business plan needs to tell us a story. It should have a rhythm and flow to it that talks about your company and the competitive advantages that your business has. Facts and statistics will take up less word count and we advise you to use them where you can. When writing your plan, it is important that you only share what you deem necessary, only tell us what you need to. Keep your IP confidential. We don’t need to know everything.  

Do you work with any key partners or collaborators? Tell us about them and what they do to help your business. Write down about what you are currently doing – let us know if you have any exciting launches coming up, we would love to hear about your plans and what progress you have already made in making them a reality. 

Aside from your business plan, we have given you a free-form 250-word limit to tell us why you think you deserve to win. This gives you plenty of scope to work with and really show us how awesome your business is. You can use video, a presentation, or simply a written piece, whatever best suits you and your company. Get creative with it to really impress our judges. 

Just remember to be clear, concise and tell a story with your business plan, ensure it has a beginning, middle and end. Do you demonstrate your ambition? Is your plan realistic? Do you think your creativity and passion for what you do comes across? If not, maybe have another look and rewrite it – ask a friend or colleague what they think. Ensure that your free-form section really Wows the judges and most importantly be authentic, stay true to yourself and your business.

Be bold, be imaginative, and be awesome and enter One Good Turn... today – we can’t wait to read your business plans.

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