One Good Turn...Revenue

One Good Turn… is hgkc’s and DISCsimple’s business plan competition. It is an amazing opportunity to win one of our expert prizes:


The ‘Be Awesome’ Business Plan




‘What’s Your Superpower’


You can take advantage of some of the amazing tools at our disposal and win our expert consultancy on business strategy and leadership.


This blog is going to focus on section 3 of our Business Plan application form where we want to know about your pricing strategies and income streams.


Pricing Strategies

In this portion of the application, our judges want to see the range of pricing models that your business uses. We want to see whether it is SaaS, per unit, a range of services, retail and wholesale, or bespoke. Tell us why you use this strategy and why it is best suited to your business. This is how we get into the way you price things and how you compare to your competitors.


Income Stream

Is your main form of income a product or service line? Does your income come from licensing? Is your revenue from one off projects or regular and recurring services, or both? This is what our judges want to know! What makes up the main portion of your income? Don’t be shy about the details, tell us every way you generate income.


To apply for One Good Turn… download our application form and read our series of blogs to help you with your application.

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