One Good Turn - Your Marketing

To continue our blog series on helping you fill out our One Good Turn application form, we are covering the fourth section focusing on Your Marketing.

What our judges want to hear about are Your Customer Messages and the different Marketing methods you use. Marketing is a vital part of your business, and we want to know about your processes and how you spread the good word about your company to your prospects and customers.


Your Customer Messages

What do you say to your prospects and customers? Tell us what your key messages are and how they entice your target audience. What do they need to know about you at each stage of the buyer’s journey? Who is it you’re trying to reach with each message? The judges want to know!


Your Marketing

Tell us how you spread the word. Do you rely on word of mouth or referrals? Which platforms do you use? Whether you focus on social media, blogs, your website, or you mainly spread your messages through live events or digital web shows. Whatever method of marketing you use, you need to detail which way works best for your business.


Do you use any particular tools that help you spread the word? Mention those as well! What helps you get the message across to your target market and how does that help you stand out?


Be wary of the amount of space you have to complete the sections of your application form. Make sure you only provide essential details.


If you want to enter One Good Turn… (and we hope you do!) download our business plan template here!

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