HGKC Framework

Wherever you are in your business, we will work with you to discover your needs, focus on your key issues and plan for success.


HGKC Framework - Discover

We work closely with you to discover the key issues facing your business through structured business analysis. Discovery is a crucial element in getting to know you and finding out about your business. Only then can we fully capture your requirements. This stage is fundamental in creating focused project briefs and plans that drive the results and outcomes you are looking for.


HGKC Framework - Focus

This stage connects the findings from the discovery phase by analysing the root issues and key opportunities to build success. Focussing is about identifying risks, aligning expectations and defining priorities.


HGKC Framework - Plan

The planning phase generates a comprehensive plan of how the intended solution will be structured, delivered and measured. It is the “who does what and how” phase. High Growth Knowledge Company collaborates on work across the business, allowing us to iterate real solutions faster.



HGKC Framework - Deliver

Here we assign clear roles and responsibilities. This is the full implementation phase where we follow the plan and transfer knowledge so that you can grow with your business.


HGKC Framework - Measure

We review the intervention including how well the plan is meeting the brief. This phase includes testing and validation. Measuring against set milestones is about being prepared to modify things to keep on track and implementing any changes through lessons learnt.