Kim Jones shortlisted for Mentor of the Year

The 2017 Gloucestershire Women of the Year Awardsrecognises and celebrates the extraordinary women of Gloucestershire who are an inspiration to the next generation.

So we were delighted when we found out Kim Jones had not only been nominated, which itself acknowledges the regard with which she is held by all that know her and work with her, but had been short-listed for the Mentor of the Year award.

When asked why should Kim be Mentor of the Year, one of her nominees wrote:

“Kim is extremely generous with her time and expertise. She makes sure she has time in her schedule to allow for mentoring. She is committed to innovation, to nurturing fledgling businesses, and supports the growth in her area.”

Another, describing her work as chair of the Board for iDeeter, an innovative tech company that has designed and built a platform to enhance and facilitate ideation, wrote:

“Kim’s ability to steer a company through the early stages and set it on the road to success has resulted in an impressive year 1 sales pipeline.”

Kim Jones
“Being mentored through my early career by a few outstanding women made a huge impact on me and helped me succeed, especially at work. I have always had a natural inclination to offer a helping hand to others and mentoring gives me a huge sense of joy as I share and learn with the people I support today.”

Here at HGKC we are all very excited, and looking forward to the glitz and glamour of the Awards Dinner on the 1st June!

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