hgkc launch Growth Boot Camp for small businesses

“Boot Camp opens your eyes to other possibilities and strategies to leverage your business and accelerate your growth. Definitely recommended.” Emily Kenna, founder, Sense Risk Solutions

The hgkc 12-Month Boot Camp is designed for small business owners who want to grow. By using the value of a supportive business community, being accountable to a business expert, and uncovering the right action-plan, growth is achieved.

Boot Camp consists of 6 components.

  • Plan – working 1-1 with an hgkc consultant you will gain clarity over your goals by developing an outcomes map.
  • Prioritise – your outcomes map sets out initiatives and outcomes, but it is not a work plan. You still need to select the right initiatives to focus your time on. Your hgkc consultant will provide you with clear details on how to evaluate contribution to your goals against risk, cost and return, so you can prioritise your map.
  • Communicate – complete an on-line assessment from DISCsimple to get a personalised report that will help you understand why you are like you are, to identify the traits and behaviours of others and to improve the way you work with them.
  • Set Goals – once your plan has been approved by your hgkc consultant, you will be invited to your first boot-camp cohort workshop. Completing your hgkc Goals Journal will support your work plan and allow you to measure ongoing progress.
  • Execute – when you have prioritised your map, you will present to the community your action plan and goals. Meeting 8 times a year, in a half-day session facilitated by hgkc, you will share your progress and gain support – from each other and from hgkc.
  • Grow –The community helps you focus on key actions, so your desired outcomes take care of themselves. As you work through your map, delivering initiatives, completing interim outcomes, you will see measurable progress and the growth of your business.

Dave Inglis, innovative film maker and owner of Gadget Line Films said: "The hgkc Bootcamp has refreshed the way I think about my business and got it back on track. The structure and support are exactly what Gadget Line Films needs to develop and grow."

Kate McEwan, owner of ethical foot care company Lotus Reflexology, sees a similar benefit: “hgkc Boot Camp has helped me develop a clear and workable strategy for a massive project I am beginning. I can only liken it to putting a business plan on steroids”.

Boot Camp brings multiple businesses together into the room to share and work through their issues, and ultimately to hold each other accountable to acting on what they have said they will do.

At hgkc we believe peer working accelerates learning and moves companies forward more quickly. Kate agrees: “The different perspectives in the room, coupled with the expertise of Peter and Kim have enabled some lateral leaps that I honestly don’t think I would have made in any other setting.”

If you are an ambitious business owner and are looking for an innovative approach to growing your business, please get in touch today.

hgkc was born from the realisation that together our combined practical experience and knowledge can offer our clients a broader, deeper and richer experience that will deliver better results faster.