Jan 28 2019

HGKC involved in a snowball fight at Yeo Valley Venues – again!

Once again, we managed to get ourselves and our friends involved in a snowball fight when we hosted our HGKC Christmas Mingle at Yeo Valley Venues!

HGKC Xmas Mingle 2018 HGKC Xmas Mingle 2018

And once again, everyone seemed to enjoy the snowball fight every bit as much as the excellent breakfast. We’d like to thank them – not just for coming along, but also for their generous donations to Deki, the charity that believes in a hand up, not a handout, to people in sub-Saharan Africa who want to start their own businesses. Donations are loaned to entrepreneurs, who then use the money to set up in business for themselves. When they are making money, they repay the loan – which is then offered to somebody else.

Our thanks also to Yeo Valley Venues – not just for the food and the service, which were excellent, but also for their tolerance. It’s not everyday 20 people finish their meals in your restaurant and then start throwing snowballs at each other! If you haven’t been there, then we’d really recommend you go – but maybe just to eat…

HGKC Xmas Mingle 2018

Thank you also to Simon Camper – our favourite photographer.

Author Peter Quintana