Complete the hgkc Brand Clarity Scorecard for a snapshot of where your brand is now

The hgkc Brand Clarity Scorecard was first conceived by Mary Cook, The Branding Coach, who became a client of ours in 2019. Tragically, Mary was diagnosed with cancer shortly after joining our Boot Camp, and passed away only a few months later without ever having the chance to launch her scorecard.

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We shared her excitement when she first talked to us about her scorecard, and so felt it was the very least we could do to make this part of her vision a reality. After reaching agreement with her partner to licence the scorecard, in exchange for a commission to her estate in the event of any fees we are able to earn from using it, we entered into partnership with Helen Moloney of All Things Web and Rich Kersey of Ker-Z Creative, and are honoured to be able to offer this unique insight into the strength of your brand. 

Deceptively simple, the scorecard presents you with 25 yes/no answers to gauge your view of your brand across 5 dimensions:

  • the emotional Connection your brand makes with your customers
  • how well your brand Consistency builds trust
  • how well your brand resonates with your Customer
  • how well your Creativity has helped you build visual engagement, and
  • how your brand compares with your Competition

You will receive a report of what we think good looks like, and the opportunity to have a meeting with one of our experts to discuss how you could make your brand one that you, your people, and your customers can be proud of.

Click here to complete your Brand Clarity Scorecard today.

"It’s useful to break down all the different ways your brand can be touchpoints for your target audience and how well that is working for you compared to your competitors. I recommend completing the Scorecard yourself to gain a valuable insight regarding your company’s brand", Jim Nayak, AMH Projects

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hgkc was born from the realisation that together our combined practical experience and knowledge can offer our clients a broader, deeper and richer experience that will deliver better results faster.