hgkc Book Club - Win the Day: Courage, Positive thinking and the Warrior spirit by Jose Semedo and Sam Kotadia

by  Kim Jones

The latest in a series of engaging and thought-provoking HGKC Book Clubs was led by author, inspirational psychologist and coach Sam Kotadia.

A wide-ranging discussion centred on our ability to control our own happiness and to acknowledge our feelings and how impactful they are on our thinking. He explored approaches and techniques used in sport and how they relate equally well to our everyday life and business. From our inner battles to our engine room and to how we track and measure success – whatever we choose.

Kate McEwan said she had been waiting for the right book, before attending, but was interested in the fact the Win the Day is about developing an effective mindset and mentality: ‘The meeting was hosted by Kim, who did an excellent job of guiding the discussions. The author of the book was present which added a further level of interest and made it possible to ask much deeper questions.’

Simon Camper said: ‘A great idea and a wonderful afternoon, sharing ideas, exchanging views and devouring some of the nicest treats since cake was invented. The HGKC Book Club is a haven for business people to exercise their inner book worm. Getting to meet the author was a real thrill, a rare opportunity indeed. The most stimulating event I’ve been to … since the last HGKC Book Club. If you only get to read one book this year…. then you seriously need to read more. I’d recommend The HGKC Book Club… it will get you out more too!’

The Book Club
From left to right: Paul Netto (Haines Watts), Ian Sandham (Jelf Insurance), Aubrey Saxon (Blue Sky Enabling), Simon Camper (Simon Camper Photography), Sam Kotadia and Charles van de Lande (Roxburgh Milkins). Kate McEwan (Lotus Reflexology) unfortunately missed the photo call.

About Sam

Sam Kotadia is a chartered psychologist and high performance coach with a track record of working with sporting organisations and businesses to help bridge the all-important gap between intention and behaviour. As humans, this is something we find very difficult to do. Sam has developed and proven processes that result in focus on the key actions, allowing the outcomes to take care of themselves. In 2013, Sam was working with José Semedo, helping him to two player of the year awards. In Win the Day, Sam and Jose share Jose’s insights and experiences, portraying them in a way that demonstrates that developing a winning mental attitude is not the preserve of professional athletes, but can help us all. They continue to work together, pushing the boundaries in positive thinking and personal development.

Note for your diary

The next Book Club will be on 3rd October. We will be reading Meaningful Success – how to combine purpose, passion and promise to create profit for your business.
We are delighted that author and entrepreneur Tim Johnson will be there to host and answer your questions.

Contact us to register your interest.

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