The challenges of transforming business culture

23 Sep 2021, 09:45 - 12:15


The biggest obstacles standing in the way of innovation are often related to company culture. A culture of innovation places emphasis on generating and implementing new ideas and is focused on making constant improvement in various areas of the business. But ‘culture’ is such an all-encompassing concept, it is no surprise that many leaders face challenges when trying to shape their cultures to be more innovative.

This webinar is jointly hosted by hgkc and Metro Bank. Our guest expert speaker, Carly Brunsden founder of Ad Ingenium and associate of DiscSimple, will be talking about how to build safety, share vulnerability and establish purpose to accelerate the cultural changes needed to transform your business through innovation.




Peter Quintana

Peter Quintana

I help ambitious people build smarter businesses by putting in strong foundations to maintain business continuity, manage change and support growth.

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