Raising finance - cash is still king

14 Jul 2021, 09:45 - 11:15

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After the stresses of the last year, cash remains resolutely king and cash flow critical to companies if they are going to thrive.

What is clear is that maintaining cash reserves remains important, and it is vital for businesses to be able to get the financial support they need to thrive. But what options are right for you, and how would you go about securing them?

To learn more about options that are available to help your business fund growth, join the next of our series of round tables with Metro Bank for an expert discussion with Toby Jones, StartPoint Finance and Richard Mojel, ISQ Crowdfunding.

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Peter Quintana

Peter Quintana

I help ambitious people build smarter businesses by putting in strong foundations to maintain business continuity, manage change and support growth.

"Really good opportunity to discuss with other owners about different scenarios. Excellently facilitated," Charlie Stockford, Sustainit

"Well structured and controlled, with a balance of input from experience and knowledge," Adrian Edmonds, Tri-Group

"Very enjoyable, learned a lot, good structure," Paul Hillis, First Solution

"Very useful and informative. Given me a lot of food for thought and questions we should be asking ourselves," Nick Thompson, SH Fiske

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