I’ll Be Back South West Go 3 – Creativity, Ads and AI

7th Nov 2018

You'll meet


Each month, I’ll Be Back South West offer three or four super-talented guest speakers from brands, startups, agencies and academia to share their unique perspectives on Creative A.I.

At Go 3,¬†you’ll find out how Creative A.I is transforming advertising and marketing right now. And, crucially, what might happen next.

Will super-intelligent marketing machines outmode you? Or are we entering a new golden age of advertising where human endeavour and computational creativity align to make selling stuff more uplifting.

This month’s speakers will be:

S.S. Hussain – Sacrina

Dave Pinnington – University Lecturer and Consultant

Phil D. Hall – Artelli42

Dom Sheppard-Baker – Design/Creative/Experience Director


The Square Club
15 Berkeley Square

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