ideeter Pioneer Programme introduction and immersion day – 19th June – Kensington Arms – Bristol

19th June 2018

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Ideeter delivers real-time rapid insights around challenges and questions businesses want to solve by harnessing the knowledge and support of their chosen crowd, aiming to level the playing field in generating ideas. The platform enables anytime, anyplace participation through time-limited gamified challenges.

On the 19th June, HGKC and ideeter are launching the platform and the Pioneers Programme with an introduction and immersion day to demonstrate its effectiveness in raising innovation capability, engaging people and the resulting benefits of real-time insights.

The morning session will be an introduction to ideeter, what it is, how it works and the benefits of suing it in a variety of client settings and outputs. It will be an engaging and practical demonstration of the tool and the platform, the user experience, its ease of use and its effectiveness.

The afternoon will show how this tool can be integrated into an existing coaching, consulting or training business. It will cover more advance features such as the Facilitators dashboard for in challenge management, practice scenarios and using ideeter in your business, as well as marketing and sales, ongoing support and fees.

The all-day session is £150 and includes the first month fee as a Pioneer as well as lunch.

Places are limited, so book yours today!


The Kensington Arms
Stanley Road
Bristol BS6 6NP

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