HGKC Roundtable – The Entrepreneurial Mindset

15th Feb 2018

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How do you deal with those nagging doubts at the back of your mind? Do you allow fear of failure to be a barrier to your plans for your business, or does it drive you to innovate even more?

High Growth Knowledge Company (HGKC) working with Bluefin Group, Milsted Langdon and Royds Withy King are delighted to invite you to join us at the Bath Priory Hotel on February 15th to take part in our HGKC High Growth Roundtable™ on ‘Entrepreneurship – Mastering Fear, Risk and Innovation’.

HGKC High Growth Roundtables™ bring together CEOs and Managing Directors of ambitious businesses across a range of sectors to discuss and challenge a set of assumptions about subjects pertinent to their ambitions.

In this roundtable, we will be exploring assumptions such as:

  • Too few organisations have business risk as a specific agenda item for their Board
  • Too few organisations consider risk management as a core competency for their senior leadership and management teams
  • Risk appetite is something for financial advisors not business leaders to consider

Attendance is strictly by invitation. If you would like to attend – contact us here.


The Bath Priory
Weston Road

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Attendance is striclty by invitation

Attendance is striclty by invitation