Growth through Acquisition - the challenges

17 Oct 2019, 08:30 - 13:30

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Growth by acquisition is a legitimate strategy that warrants Board debate alongside other approaches, such as organic growth and franchising. The real advantage is the pace at which growth can be achieved. Add to that other almost instant benefits that make that growth sustainable – financing, economies of scale, extended market penetration, catching competitors off guard – and it can look like a very attractive option.

But there are downsides, not the least of which is the small matter of integration – reorganising two workforces and two management teams from businesses that may be culturally very far apart. Work on consolidating an acquisition needs to go on even as the current activity continues. This places considerable stress on individuals, businesses and functions. How do we do it? Do we change everything? Not all the rules fit, how do we change them?

Interested? Join us on the 17th October, 8.30-13.30 at The Jessop Street, Gloucestershire Country Cricket Club, Nevil Road, Bristol BS 7 9EJ

To hear our speaker, Jason Milkins, corporate transactional lawyer and partner at Roxburgh Milkins, talk about his experience working on strategic acquisition, exits, buy-ins and buy-outs;

To participate in a roundtable debate exploring and unpicking the key points raised in Jason’s talk;

To work in smaller groups with other attendees, combining your shared experiences with host expertise to generate ideas and solutions to specific issues and barriers to scaling, such as

  • Economies of scale
  • Integration
  • TUPE
  • Finance and tax
  • Shareholder protection

This event is being run in collaboration by hgkc, Haines Watts Bristol, Coronation Wealth Management, and Qtac Payroll.

To ensure participation with full confidence this event will be held under strict Chatham House rules – nothing will be attributed without prior permission and full anonymity can be maintained.

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The Jessop Suite, Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, Nevil Road, Bristol BS7 9EJ

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Kim Jones

Kim Jones

I bring clarity through numbers, help turn innovation into commercial success and build confidence to support rapid growth.

Peter Quintana

Peter Quintana

I help ambitious people build smarter businesses by putting in strong foundations to achieve rapid growth.

James Short

James Short

As a former international specialist in strategic planning, leadership and change management, I ensure that companies plan successfully for the next stage in their evolution.

Interesting participants, good conversations. Real people with real problems, all willing to share. Good facilitation. (Attended hgkc Scale Up South West in May 2019)

Graham Tamblyn-Jones, Head of Sales and Marketing, TasteTech

hgkc was born from the realisation that together our combined practical experience and knowledge can offer our clients a broader, deeper and richer experience that will deliver better results faster.