Fundamentals of IP: When to think about IP for early stage businesses

15 Sep 2021, 09:45 - 11:15

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Deciding if and when to implement an intellectual property strategy for your business can be a formidable task.

Join Kim Jones from hgkc and expert speakers Ian Grimley (Roxburgh Milkins) and Michelle Ward (Indelible IP), who will be looking at how IP contributes to creating and building value . They will offer valuable tips and tools to help you navigate the landscape of IP in an interactive session, audience driven, in which Ian and Michelle will address why IP is important, the key elements, and the types of protection available.

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Kim Jones

Kim Jones

I build confidence in leaders to help them make better decisions and realise the value of innovation in their firms.

"Really good opportunity to discuss with other owners about different scenarios. Excellently facilitated," Charlie Stockford, Sustainit

"Well structured and controlled, with a balance of input from experience and knowledge," Adrian Edmonds, Tri-Group

"Very enjoyable, learned a lot, good structure," Paul Hillis, First Solution

"Very useful and informative. Given me a lot of food for thought and questions we should be asking ourselves," Nick Thompson, SH Fiske

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