Building resilience for 2021 - a Metro Bank and hgkc event

11 Dec 2020, 10:00 - 11:15

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All of us are facing quite challenging business circumstances at the moment, and it is likely they will continue to be difficult until a Covid19 vaccine becomes widely effective.

This event is for the Directors and owners of established businesses employing 10 or more people, or turning over more than £500k. It will address key business challenges and suggest opportunities and solutions that will assist companies to build resilience for 2021 and beyond.

First questions:

  • Do you want to plan your way to a more successful future?
  • Are you delivering profit with measurable and reproducible results?
  • Have you taken steps to think creatively and put innovation into action?

If the answer so far is yes, have you experienced:

  • A significant drop in business due to current situation
  • Disagreement within the management team about direction or plans for the future
  • Expansion plans not working
  • Strategy for survival and/or continuity creating too much pain or no money
  • Attempts to change the culture in your company failing
  • More frequent thoughts about implementing succession or retirement plans

This event will cover ways to help you:

  • Overcome the “No time to plan, unwillingness to move forward” challenge
  • Solve the problem of planning in times of such uncertainty
  • Alleviate your frustration at slow growth/no growth/decline in your company
  • Deliver improved performance within your management team
  • Improve the leadership issues often faced by senior executives

Numbers are strictly limited to ensure all attending have time to speak. To secure your place, please contact us here.

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Peter Quintana

Peter Quintana

I help ambitious people build smarter businesses by putting in strong foundations to maintain business continuity, manage change and support growth.

James Short

James Short

As a specialist strategic planner and leadership mentor, I ensure that senior executives are able to plan productively, deliver their desired objectives successfully and lead their teams to achieve the anticipated results.

"Really good opportunity to discuss with other owners about different scenarios. Excellently facilitated," Charlie Stockford, Sustainit

"Well structured and controlled, with a balance of input from experience and knowledge," Adrian Edmonds, Tri-Group

"Very enjoyable, learned a lot, good structure," Paul Hillis, First Solution

"Very useful and informative. Given me a lot of food for thought and questions we should be asking ourselves," Nick Thompson, SH Fiske

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