Stories from our fabulous clients

i2i Infinity

Enabling strategy and people

Challenge – engagement of company in reviewing their origins and re-evaluation of their track record of innovation, enabling them to think differently about their future direction and identify potential for growth.

Approach – series of workshops using visual tools to revisit their mission, develop alternate visions of the future and derive 6 bold steps, including building reputation and exploring new technology solutions, as well as looking for potential acquisition opportunities.

Results – i2i Infinity recently developed and, in collaboration with Bristol Chambers, successfully demonstrated live the first use of block chain technology in the creation of a Certificate of Origin for Renishaw, proving their continued capability to innovate and lead their market.

“HGKC have enabled and re-energised us. I am delighted with our team, who have done it again are and are demonstrating our mission statement: ‘Build the best software, provide uncompromising support and lead technology for international trade’.” Adam Underwood, Managing Director

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Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic

Enabling innovation, people and change

Challenge – engagement of Board around alternative approaches to marketing, using ‘visible expert’ to build reputation and generate business.

Approach – facilitated workshops to introduce the technique and identify areas of expertise that each Director could focus on individually or in teams with other members of the practice.

Results – launched annual sheep and goat dairy conference in 2016, now attracting international roster of speakers, sponsorship from major agri and pharma trade exhibitors, and more than 100 delegates; also generating incoming inquiries for consultancy and invitations to deliver keynote speaker slots at other international conferences; Dairy Cream Award for innovative programme to reduce use of anti-biotics; Blackmore Vale Award for best place to work. Steady annual growth in farm and small animal practice revenues, bucking local trends and despite increased competition from sales of neighbouring clinics to ‘corporates’.

“Having a brilliant team from directors, assistant vets, to clinical support staff and office staff, allows us to achieve great results, with our forward thinking innovative farmers being at the fore front of it all.” Julian Allen, Director

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Enabling innovation, people and change

Purpose – introduce new ways of working and organisation structure to give greater clarity on the work of the internal R&D team and provide confidence that internal innovation is delivering a positive return on investment.

Approach – introduced new approaches to programme and project management, horizon planning for innovation and innovation pipeline to manage ideas from generation through evaluation to commercialisation.

Results – we are mid-way through defining a new ‘expert team’ that will focus on horizon 3 and strategic projects. This will create opportunities to promote internally and bring in fresh talent from outside. We have also contributed to the development of the ‘TasteTech Way’, a shared platform for and common approach to the management of projects and programmes of work providing visibility to the entire company.

“HGKC have helped us invent a whole new way to manage and communicate about our innovation projects – BAU, “the pond”, Blue-sky, horizons, Game Plans and RACI techniques have enabled us to focus on the key projects and direction for our innovation at TasteTech.” Rob Sinton, Commercial Director

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Lifecycle Technology

Enabling people and change

Challenge – making the transition from a consultancy-led software integrator to a product-led software development company with the capacity and potential to scale.

Approach – regular engagement over a period of several years supporting the CEO with alignment of strategy, alignment and development of the leadership team, and now alignment of resources needed to achieve full potential.

Results – agreement on what it will take to meet a target date based around the CEO’s personal exit plans; shaping a plan with the necessary priority and focus needed to enable the desired exit to be achieved.

“HGKC have been with us for more than 5 years, available at the end of a phone to talk to when the issues and challenges of growing a company in a complex global market seem overwhelming. Their clarity of thought and capacity to challenge the status quo mean that nothing is ever quite as bad as it might first appear. Investing in working with the team at HGKC has been a game changer.” Jason Matthews, CEO

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Leo Gallani

Enabling people and innovation

Challenge – experienced and very successful restauranteur, hotelier and entrepreneur looking initially for help in investing in a new business in Iceland harvesting very pure glacier water for sale globally in bulk and bottle, and then to invest in and develop multiple other businesses interests in the UK and overseas.

Approach – by providing access to our contacts as well as our experience, we have helped Leo to understand the need for robust financial and businesses cases to support his business ventures and been available to talk through and help shape his ideas, and to evaluate the risks involved.

Results – despite considerable challenges working within the Icelandic culture, the Icelandic water business recently signed a distribution agreement covering Scandinavia, the Baltics and Northern Europe, and is making regular bulk shipments to the UK and Europe. Leo has also launched a wine importing business supplying his restaurants.

“Peter and Kim have been there since my first serious venture outside the restaurants. I have been on a complex journey with them and learnt a lot. I would not work with any other consultants – HGKC are always there for me when I need them.” Leo Gallani, serial entrepreneur and owner of award-winning restaurant Il Michelangelo

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