Oct 5 2017

Decisive – ‘Brilliant book – enjoying applying it!’ – The Book Club

We chose Decisive, by Chip and Dan Heath, for both Bath and Bristol Book Clubs in September/October, and received positive feedback from everybody who attended.

The Heath Brother’s goal in writing this book was to help readers become a bit better at making good decisions, and to help them make those decisions a bit more decisively – with appropriate confidence.

Attendees at The Book Club agreed they had achieved their goal:

‘Very helpful – great read…Will be very useful going forward’ – Kathrin Cockhill

‘High quality content’ – Mike Punter

‘My first book club, and thoroughly enjoyed the subject matter and the company’ – Clive Hoskin

‘Very enjoyable to be in a room with such smart people. Very interesting discussion’ – Caleb Evans

‘Inspiring and emotively charged conversation. Book was mind expanding’ – Aubrey Saxon

Decisive sets out a process to help make better decisions, and for each element of the process, offers a selection of techniques, with lots of case study examples of them in practice. Each chapter ends with a one page summary, which allows the reader easily to dip back in for a quick refresh when the need arises.

Whether it’s a personal dilemma or a high stakes corporate investment, this book is an invaluable aid to making better decisions.

100% of attendees said they would recommend The Book Club, so look out for details of our next Bristol Book Club in December.

Author Peter Quintana