Willow DNA – Strategic Vision

The business: Innovators in the online learning industry
Purpose: Improving business through technology-enabled learning
Founded: 2007

Designing tailored e-learning experiences for high profile clients requires a complex breadth of expertise – from technical to consultation, support and training – making leadership and growth equally complex. HGKC has helped Willow DNA provide the strategic vision and framework to turn ideas into plans, and plans into actions.

“HGKC has provided the advisory support needed to do something we wouldn’t have done, or known how to do, as well as the confidence to go after it.” Debbie Lawley, CEO


Having achieved their ambitious start-up targets, the team became too busy delivering on their promises and reacting to challenges to think clearly about their brand and strategic direction.

“Our activity was like a ten year olds’ football team. All chasing the ball and trying to score a goal. We needed to understand how to drive the next piece of growth.”


WillowDNA’s previous experience with business specialists had lacked focus. So to alleviate their apprehension, HGKC worked quickly and collaboratively to identify their business priorities. These formed the basis of a 3 year strategy with a 12 month action plan, better understanding of managers’ specific roles, and marketing and sales plans to deliver real growth targets.

“Working out where Willow fit into the market has been essential to getting our brand right and our messages tight. We now also have a clear journey plan.”


Willow’s turnover has doubled in the last year. They still have a long way to go but with the tools and framework we’ve developed together, they have confidence in delivering that growth.

“Team HGKC provide a supportive and insightful voice. It’s great to be able to share. There are no hiding places in a small company – and you are very, very exposed.”

WillowDNA - the complete online digital learning and knowledge company

HGKC helped to deliver a 100% increase in Turnover

“They have given us a confident pathway to build the vision and the steps needed to get there... It helps to understand what is important”

- CEO Debbie Lawley

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