Resolution Design – Achievable, Actionable, Goals

The business: Graphic and digital design agency
Purpose: Smart business marketing for the digital world
Founded: Wiltshire, 2006. Opened London office, 2012.

The Resolution Design we first met had ambition, passion, expertise – and a solid track record of growth. But growth was becoming ad hoc. They lacked a clear vision of where the company should go and how to lead this change. HGKC has helped them ‘make it real’: providing clear short-term markers to achieve a defined long-term vision.

“HGKC helped us break our vision down into achievable, actionable goals – so we knew what to aim for in a year, two years, three years. And of course, once you have a clear idea of where you’re going, it’s so much easier to get there.” Richard Jaggs, Director


Resolution Design’s growth was becoming directionless. Pressure was leading the change, rather than a clear strategic vision.

“The larger we became, the bigger the headaches. We were encountering problems around systems, processes and the right people. We really felt we needed support, partly to envision what we were trying to achieve and partly to understand what it would actually require.”


As with all clients, we started by drilling down to ensure Resolution Design understood their true business goals – the stuff that really gets them excited.

Then we applied a useful tool called the ‘three year vision orbit’ – a clear layout of where they were and where they were heading. It shed light on what we call the ‘vital few’ – the areas that need special focus. And the end result was a simple framework broken down into year 1, 2, and 3, with a detailed action plan showing what needed to be done, by when and by whom.


Thanks to a combination of HGKC mentoring, coaching, planning and support, Resolution Design has maintained an annual growth rate of 20% despite the added pressures and complications which come with a growing business.

“A lot of businesses don’t give strategic vision the time it really needs. Having someone involved who has this experience is extremely valuable. HGKC have also challenged us to take the steps we need to, when at times it’s easier just to drift.”

Resolution Design

Team HGKC helped Resolution maintain an annual growth rate of 20%

“HGKC helped us be proactive in breaking our vision down into goals, achievable goals, so we knew where we were going in a year, two years, three years."

- MD Richard Jaggs

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