Optimus – Confidence to Make Change Happen

The business: Optimus Chiropractic and Physiotherapy
Purpose: High quality care in the Bristol area
Founded: 2015

After a difficult few years as a partner and associate, our client James knew he needed to go it alone. Yet with work pressures, and the stress of leaving, he was finding it difficult to make change happen. A year later, Optimus has three clinics and, more importantly, James is financially and emotionally better off.

“I knew I needed to be my own boss. But I was pretty rudderless and stressed. Having someone I could trust to hold my hand was a real God-send.” James Scrimshaw, Founder


James lacked the time and mental clarity to strategize and implement an exit plan. Juggling the pressures of partner relationships and setting up new practices was paralyzing.

“I had a lot of fear and hesitancy. I probably would have done it on my own but not in the same timeframe, with the same results. Having HGKC there in the background, gave me the courage and ideas I needed.”


James benefitted from a mix of practical and moral support. Regular brainstorms, and financial forecasting to demonstrate the new company’s viability, gave him the encouragement to move ahead.

“Kim was almost like a counsellor at times – reassuring me and helping me reach my own conclusions. The practical stuff also gave me confidence: business models, ideas for potential income streams, and support with managing relationships. Just her network alone was reassuring.”


Optimus now has three clinics and has doubled its turnover in the last 12 months. HGKC continues to play an advisory role in leadership support and planning the business’ future.

“In the end it happened very quickly and smoothly. Change is uncomfortable and HGKC significantly reduced that discomfort.”


Optimus opened three clinics within a year of starting up with HGKC help and counsel

Change is uncomfortable and HGKC significantly reduced that discomfort.

- Founder, James Scrimshaw

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