Modern – Rapid Growth Ambitions

The business: Digital marketing strategists
Purpose: To help technology businesses grow
Founded: 2011

We knew Modern had real potential to break new ground in the digital space. Yet its ambitions for rapid early growth would put pressure on the directors’ time and resources. HGKC helped them avoid this ‘crisis of leadership’ and our services have been retained to guide them through the next phases.

“It’s not just HGKC’s experience, knowledge and questioning, it’s the confidence that stems from the relationship that enables us to continually grow at pace.” Nicola Ray, Managing Director


Modern approached us primarily because of Kim Jones’ success in leading large agency commercial teams and supporting agency directors from start-up. Modern’s leadership team recognised early on that, to prevent any lag in growth, they needed support to pre-empt mistakes, quickly mitigate risks and maintain effective control.


We began by helping to structure a growth strategy for the early years, and providing the expertise to scrutinise and challenge their plans.

We felt the key was to avoid a ‘crisis of leadership’ – where directors become overwhelmed as their span of control broadens. So we helped them refine their HR and recruitment processes, establishing the type of people and critical skills that would really make a difference.

On the commercial side, we worked closely to define a bespoke dashboard of KPIs to drive them forward and give them greater confidence in their decision-making.


Modern has pushed through the early growing pains. They have good governance in place, a strong brand culture and, with consistent yoy growth, the numbers are encouraging. As a result, HGKC has been retained in an advisory capacity to provide continuity and structure for the next phases of growth.

“They don’t ever question what we want to do; they question how we’ll do it.”

The B2B Marketing Agency

Modern Media gained the confidence to push through their growing pains from their long-term relationship with Team HGKC

"We wanted a long-term commitment to significantly grow the business and having Team HGKC available to question our decisions and motivations, not to mention the structural and skills development, has been a huge help."

- MD Nicola Ray

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