Blue Sky Enabling – a strategy for growth

The business: Blue Sky Enabling
Purpose: To improve life for people of all ages living with impairments or disabilities
Founded: 2011

“HGKC’s support has been invaluable – we would not be where we are without them. They helped us develop ideas, skills and new business. Most importantly, we worked out what shape the business should be – a strategy for growth while maintaining our unique standard of care.” Shelley Saxon, Managing Director


Since Shelley set up Blue Sky Enabling, she’d provided exceptional care standards for clients, but felt unable to develop an effective growth strategy. “Growth was limited by my time and imagination. This wasn’t healthy,” says Shelley. However, she had a talented team and approached two members for promotion to management – her son Aubrey and a carer, Rachel Eades, who had both shown a strong interest in the company’s development.


Meeting with Peter from HGKC in 2015, the three of them began a process of intense strategic planning and re-organisation. Together, they developed a new business model: different Care Managers, each with their own focus and portfolio of clients. It enabled different specialisations and revenue streams, without altering their care model.

Future growth would also be driven by this strategic leadership team, comprising Shelley (as MD), Aubrey (as Business Development and Office Manager) and Rachel (as Care Manager for Older People). The business could now finance targeted training and development: Aubrey gained a Business Administration degree, while Rachel studied a Masters in Social Care Leadership.

“One of the most helpful sessions with Peter was writing a 3 year plan and assessing our goals v timeframe,” says Rachel Eades. “We quickly realised we were setting ourselves up to fail. With Peter helping us set realistic goals, we felt more motivated to achieve them.”


As Aubrey improved the running of the business and Rachel oversaw elderly care, Shelley was able to re-focus on younger clients with learning difficulties and autism. This opened up a new, now dominant revenue stream, enabling the business to triple its turnover in two years. They also set up a share option scheme for Aubrey and Rachel, fundamentally changing their relationship to the business. And with a clear growth model, Blue Sky Enabling is now involved in another exciting period of skills development and recruitment.

“We’re taking it step by step,” says Aubrey. “but thanks to Peter’s support we’re taking steps forward, rather than one step forward and two steps back.”

Blue Sky Enabling

Blue Sky Enabling tripled their turnover, but maintained their high standard of care

Thanks to Peter’s support we’re taking steps forward, rather than one step forward and two steps back

- Business Development and Office Manager, Aubrey Saxon

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