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The Challenges of Digital Innovation

Peter Quintana is joined by Tom Henson (Managing Director of First Solution) and Christopher Shanks (Head of Technology at First Digital) to talk about digital transformation - how the term has become over-used and the work to achieve continues to be under-estimated. In a wide-ranging conversation that touches on McKinsey's three horizons, First Digital's own Innovation Committee, and the BEANS (Behaviour Enablers, Artifacts, and Nudges) that encourage an innovation culture, you will discover valuable insights into how to make more of digital innovation in your organisation.

Watch the discussion below, and download The Challenges of Innovation Worksheet here.

Exit planning - the biggest transaction?

In collaboration with Matt West at Metro Bank, with special guest Jason Milkins from Roxburgh Milkins, we hosted a roundtable looking at how to successfully plan your exit from your business. COVID-19 has had a huge impact on business owners, influencing many to start thinking about their Exit Strategy now. Long standing owners and business leaders are struggling with whether to scale down their business or expand and create a legacy before leaving.

How thinking about the future can help businesses improve their resiliency, even in times of uncertainty

The future is unpredictable. Even if we were not struggling through a pandemic that hasn’t been seen in living memory, we cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. There are many potential futures that could unfold, and we could make assumptions based on past experience and probabilities. However, when we have not lived through something before, relying on your gut feeling is not enough. In the HBR webinar: Learning from the Future, J. Peter Scoblic discusses the problems of relying on past events to understand the future: instead, he suggests we must turn towards an imagined future.

Digital Transformation – how to thrive and not just survive through these difficult times

In times of ever-changing uncertainties, meeting the goals of a business is even more challenging. Digital Transformation, the reinvention of your business processes by becoming digitally coherent, can improve customer experience, operational agility, workforce culture and eCommerce delivery. To be successful in Digital Transformation is proving more difficult than traditional change.

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