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Due to the pandemic, the world has embraced the digital far quicker than anyone predicted. The move for many businesses to digital has helped to lower costs and improve relationships between the organisation and its consumers. Embracing digital transformation will affect the values, behaviours, and culture of the business, however, failing to embrace digital will mean your company does not change at the same pace as the world, and you will lose customers as a result.

How Does Technology Impact Your Business?

In today’s world, we see so many advances and changes in technology that the way we work and run our business is ever changing and with the coronavirus pandemic things have been forced to advance a lot faster than we ever thought. Working from home and the inability to see people face to face has forced many companies to start to rely on technology to run their business. Those that have failed to adapt have not survived COVID-19 and those that have are finding new and more efficient ways to work.


How Does Remote Working Change The Way You Innovate?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic the way people work has changed. Home working has become the new norm and has affected the way business leaders manage their teams and how they innovate. However, there can be many advantages to remote working when it comes to your innovation using technology and collaboration practices. Many businesses have struggled because they have attempted to transfer the processes and methods they used when working in office, rather than adapting to the new environment.

How To Encourage Innovative Behaviour In Your Team

No matter what type of innovation your business undertakes, you need to ensure that every member of your team has the opportunity and tools to generate creative and innovative ideas. As business leaders, you need to nurture innovative behaviour and help your employees feel confident enough to share their thoughts and give them the freedom to develop and research these ideas. Introducing some simple techniques into team meetings and everyday activity is a good starting point.


Who knows? Someone may have an idea that completely changes your business for the better.


How The Three Horizons Help Your Business

When it comes to innovation, at hgkc, we use the Three Horizons of Growth model with our clients. This is a concept developed by McKinsey that helps businesses focus their attentions between running their business today and innovating for the future. The framework helps you focus on your innovation and growth helping you to concentrate on executing already existing business processes whilst continuing to develop new capabilities for the future of your company.

Digital Transformation – how to thrive and not just survive through these difficult times

In times of ever-changing uncertainties, meeting the goals of a business is even more challenging. Digital Transformation, the reinvention of your business processes by becoming digitally coherent, can improve customer experience, operational agility, workforce culture and eCommerce delivery. To be successful in Digital Transformation is proving more difficult than traditional change.

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