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Due to the pandemic, the world has embraced the digital far quicker than anyone predicted. The move for many businesses to digital has helped to lower costs and improve relationships between the organisation and its consumers. Embracing digital transformation will affect the values, behaviours, and culture of the business, however, failing to embrace digital will mean your company does not change at the same pace as the world, and you will lose customers as a result.


Your organisation will generally be founded with certain values in mind. These will affect the way in which your business works. Your values are what your business stands for and what it will become known by. Your values will help guide the way you do business and help you choose who to do business with.

Your employees can also be affected by the values you hold. If they personally share the same values as you and the business, they will work harder to ensure your company succeeds in reaching its goals. However, if they do not share the same beliefs, then they may become disengaged and less productive, and employee satisfaction will decrease.   

When it comes to digital transformation, the way your business works will change, if you are working remotely, for instance, you will have to adapt how you lead as you will be less visible to your employees. This means you will need to plan more and create your own opportunities to engage with your people. These changes can affect your values, the company culture, and your employees. It is important for businesses to ensure that when undertaking a digital transformation that their values and beliefs stay the same. This will contribute to a smooth transition and help your employees adjust to their new way of working.


As well as their values, the behaviours of business leaders and their teams shape the way a business works and can determine whether an organisation successfully reaches its goals. New technologies are changing people’s behaviours, not only those of your team but of your customers too, and it is consumer behaviour that affects new technologies. Businesses are adapting and changing the way they work to create a smoother more efficient experience for their target audience.

However, digital transformation can also disrupt the workplace. Employees fear that new technologies and automation could eventually replace them and are resistant to changing their behaviours. Change is inevitable and organisations need to evolve with the world to better meet their consumer’s new behaviours, otherwise they may start to look elsewhere.


Innovation Culture

Innovation is ‘something different that creates value’ according to ‘Eat, Sleep, Innovate’ by Scott D. Anthony, Paul Cobban, Natalie Painchaud, and Andy Parker and business leaders need to foster an innovation culture to inspire new thinking and create new value for their consumers. This culture needs to fit with the values and ideals of the business and its employees and ensure that it is suited to the preferred behaviours of the team.


"Culture is the net effect of shared behaviors, and therefore adopting innovative behaviors must come first. You change the culture by becoming more innovative — not the other way around." - Rob Shelton


To build a successful innovation culture, business leaders need to identify behaviour blockers and use BEANs – Behaviour Enablers, Artifacts and Nudges, a tool developed by Scott Anthony. Behaviour Enabler is a direct way to encourage new innovative behaviours. Nudges is an indirect way to encourage new behaviours, and Artifacts connects the two by rewarding the behaviour. Ensuring that the tool is used in a way that is in line with the company’s values will help create a positive and motivating innovation culture within the business.

If you are needing help in creating and embedding an innovation culture within your business, check out What We Offer and see how hgkc can help you use the BEANs tool.


Digital Transformation

Embracing digital transformation is a big but necessary decision made by many businesses today. Change is an inevitable and evergreen challenge for every business, and digital transformation is a current strategic imperative. Ensuring you have the right values, behaviours and culture will determine how ready you are for a change and enable a successful digital transformation.

Leaders need to trust their employees with why digital transformation is the way forward, how it helps their business meets its values and serve your customers better. They need to help their people understand the need for this change, how it will ultimately benefit them and improve the way the business works. This will help make their employees more relaxed and comfortable with the change, making it easier for them to accept it and take part in it.


To have a successful transformation, business leaders need to establish a culture where employees feel confident to contribute and experiment with new ideas. Business leaders and managers need to ensure their employees understand their role within the new organisation and focus more on communication and engagement. Ensuring they have a meaningful dialogue anchored around the shared values and beliefs that underpin the organisation. A culture that supports psychological safety so that all voices are heard and responded too fairly. Using digital tools such as employee engagement platforms to facilitate the process.


When looking at what links together your values, behaviours, and innovation culture you need to understand:


  • Why digital transformation is important to your business.
  • Why you need to change.
  • How your values and beliefs are your strengths.
  • What you need to support your team and ensure their safety with the change.
  • The best way you can communicate with your team and how to do it as much as you can – you can use tools to help you facilitate dialogue such as Engagement Multiplier.


hgkc can help you work towards your digital transformation by focusing your innovation and using tools such as Market Opportunity Navigator to help you prioritise new opportunities for value creation. Take our North Star Diagnostic to see how ready you are for your journey or get in touch with the hgkc team today.

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